Mobile Tanker

Mobile Tanker

Our mobile tanker solution is a complete end to end wet stock delivery system taking forecourt technology on the road. This package is highly scalable starting with a vehicle mounted controller, to dispense and report on fuel usage, through to a complete AVI system with integrated data entry terminal and head office software.

Control fuel loss and manage your fleet more effectively with our truck based fueling system. Contact your Postec Distributor to see how you can benefit from using mobile automation...

  • Reduce fuel loss
  • Protects your investment
  • Maximise operational efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Accurately track the dispensing of fuel into each vehicle
  • Eliminate manual tracking processes
  • Simplify reporting and management
  • Automatically collect and report vehicle/engine data with AVI, to identify maintenance and fuel siphoning issues

The PCC hardware is also modular in it's architecture.

The main circuit board contains the following hardware:-

Master CPU 80c31 micro controller supporting serial port, timers, RAM etc…
64 K bytes of EPROM (Contains the PCC software)
128 K bytes of non volatile static CMOS RAM (for data storage)
256 bytes of EEPROM (for configuration data)
8 DIP switches for hardware configuration
Calendar clock with alarm
Eight channel UART (OCTART) for auxiliary serial communications
Intelligent Communications Bus for slave CPU and peripheral expansion (12C bus)

The cabinet design accommodates mounting of interface and expansion circuit boards to allow the hardware to support more complex systems.

Modular Serial Interface cards have been developed to provide connection to external devices.

e.g. RS-232 /RS-484 interface
e.g. Current loop interface

Intelligent cards have been developed to further expand the hardware.

e.g. Parallel Input / Output interface
Universal Pump Interface cards for connection to proprietary interface circuits.
V22 Intelligent modem interface
RAM Pack expansion card (non volatile memory for infrequently Accessed
data storage)

The modular architecture provides a system capable of expansion to cover future system application requirements without adding to the cost of the basic unit.

12 VDC or 24 VDC configuration
Outside dimensions 285mm x 385mm x 120mm
Weight 10 kg

Approved – 10 °C – 45°C

  • Install a Postec controller, Veeder Root EMR3 electronic meter register, a payment device (AVI, TVD driver tag reader, or 4DET terminal) on the refueling truck.
  • Each transaction starts when a vehicle operator presents an authorized driver tag or the vehicle is equipped with AVI.
  • The controller checks the account is valid and releases the EMR3 to dispense fuel.
  • Upon the completion of fuelling, the controller stores the transaction details.
  • Head office software (in a remote location) uploads the transactions from the refueler’s controller via a modem.
  • Add an Optional printer for receipts
  • All information is available for reporting and analysis in the remote head office.