Tagging Visual display

Tagging Visual display

The Postec TVD is an RFID tagging reader with integrated display used for attendant tagging, customer payment or visual feedback at the dispenser.

Using a secure contactless card reader the TVD communicates with the Postec Communications Controller (PCC) enabling forced authorization of your pumps.

Provide your customers with their own fuel fleet card, secure your forecourt with attendant tagging, or just secure your unmanned site from unauthorized access. With detailed reporting on who is delivering fuel, how much and when, the TVD puts you back in control of your fuel.

  • Maximize profits and reduce costs
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enables the use of customer accounts via LAMSAttendant tagging support
  • Integrated display
  • Mifare contactless security
  • Integrates back to the PCC
  • Low cost
  • Expandable

Hardware Platform

Audio/Visual Interface

• LCD Alphanumeric character display
• 1 line of 16 Characters
• Green LED back light
• 95 x 11 mm visible display area
• High brightness red LEDs indicators 3 + 1
• Piezo beeper

User Input

• Mifare contactless smart card read/writer
• Front access push button user switch input
• Rear access push button service switch

Physical size

• Length = 220mm
• Width = 98mm
• Depth = 34mm

Serial Communications

• RS 485 to Site controller

Power Supply

• 9 VDC
• 1.6A (max
This can be used to drive 2 TVDs

Processor Board

• 78E365 Micro-controller
• External watchdog timer
• 256 bytes EEPROM


• Operating temperature of display -20’C to +70’C
• IPX5


• 47 Code of Federal Regulations
• EN 55022, 1998
• NMI S450
• AS/NZS 60950