Forecourt Control

Postec has developed an extensive range of forecourt control products, and is continuously researching innovative new products and technologies to improve the offering to our customers. Our range of products is specifically designed for retail and commercial sites, ranging from hardware to automate mechanical pumps, to a complete site based software suite for configuring and controlling your forecourt devices.

  • Postec Communications Controller (PCC)

    Postec Communications Controller (PCC)

    At the heart of today’s low margin, volume based, fueling environment is the Postec Communications Controller. The PCC operates a...

  • Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG)

    Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG)

    Maximize your capital investment with the PCC’s onboard ATG and Tank Calibration Software. Designed to give lower spec tank gauges...

  • Dispensers Supported

    Dispensers Supported

    The PCC has been installed with a extensive number of dispenser interfaces from leading manufacturers. Originally developed using reverse engineering...

  • Mechanical Pump Interface (MPI)

    Mechanical Pump Interface (MPI)

    Designed to be retrofitted to mechanical pumps to enable them to be controlled by an automation system, the Postec MPI...

  • Device Integration

    Device Integration

    Postec’s Communication Controller (PCC) interfaces to most forecourt devices with new interfaces in development as technology changes. We work closely...