Essential public services require durable and reliable infrastructure and that is where Postec can provide a comprehensive solution to your fuelling requirements.

By combining our commercial and fleet management solutions with the wide range of in-ground tanks and pumps from Gilbarco Veeder-Root, we can ensure that your system has maximum uptime and performance.

Postec offers the most comprehensive range of automation products and software solutions from robust site controllers to automatic vehicle identification (AVI) .

We can ensure that your application meets compliance and regulatory standards yet still delivers on cost effectiveness, dependability and accuracy

  • Forecourt Payment

  • Tagging Visual Display (TVD)

    Tagging Visual Display (TVD)

    The Postec TVD is an RFID tagging reader with integrated display used for attendant tagging, customer payment or visual feedback at the dispenser. Using a secure contactless card reader the TVD communicates with the Postec Communications Controller (PCC) enabling forced...

  • FasTrack Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

    FasTrack Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

    FasTrack will make a significant financial impact on your business by eliminating the refueling of unauthorized vehicles. Using the latest RFID technology FasTrack provides a tight bond between the vehicle, the flow of fuel, and the account, which puts you...

  • 4DET Forecourt Data Entry Terminal

    4DET Forecourt Data Entry Terminal

    Improve customer experience, free your staff to focus on customer needs, and drive new business growth with Postec’s Forecourt Data Entry Terminal. Designed for both retail and commercial (including unmanned) sites the 4DET facilitates wet stock automation and control on...

  • Forecourt Control

  • Postec Communications Controller (PCC)

    Postec Communications Controller (PCC)

    At the heart of today’s low margin, volume based, fueling environment is the Postec Communications Controller. The PCC operates a wide variety of devices and features comprehensive onboard reporting. Built on solid state technology this high quality controller has been...

  • Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG)

    Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG)

    Maximize your capital investment with the PCC’s onboard ATG and Tank Calibration Software. Designed to give lower spec tank gauges the features of higher priced models Postec’s ATG and Tank Calibration software increases accuracy and identifies leakage and theft. Enable...

  • Dispensers Supported

    Dispensers Supported

    The PCC has been installed with a extensive number of dispenser interfaces from leading manufacturers. Originally developed using reverse engineering new interfaces are now produced using the protocol specification and dispenser simulator from the manufacturer. Postec develops, tests, and pilots...

  • Mechanical Pump Interface (MPI)

    Mechanical Pump Interface (MPI)

    Designed to be retrofitted to mechanical pumps to enable them to be controlled by an automation system, the Postec MPI is ideal for commercial refueling sites with very high flow rates and large volume transactions. Supporting up to two dispenser...

  • Device Integration

    Device Integration

    Postec’s Communication Controller (PCC) interfaces to most forecourt devices with new interfaces in development as technology changes. We work closely with stakeholders to ensure that any solution meets the needs of the market, producing innovative products that enhance value and...

  • Head Office

  • Foresight


    Foresight is the next generation of the Postec fuel distribution network management solution (Head Office System, HOS). Using interactive and automated forecourt data collection, Foresight leverages the power of the Postec Communications Controller (PCC), providing extensive numerical and graphical analysis...

  • Focus Multi-site

    Focus Multi-site

    The FOCUS software suite can be installed in a multi-site configuration, allowing multiple sites in a network to be configured from Head Office. Including all of the features of the Forecourt Configuration program, FOCUS Multi-site allows you to configure site...

  • Sentinel


    Sentinel is a centralized alarm monitoring application from Postec which works together with the Postec Communications Controller (PCC). Sentinel remotely monitors a network of forecourts, either retail or commercial, and dispatches alarm information electronically to site technicians or to a...